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How can your small business website bring in new customers

How can your small business website bring in new customers?

I live in Tucson, and it is not unlike most American cities in that its economy is fueled mostly by local mom-and-pop shops and services. Yes, there are usually large businesses like Raytheon, U of A, or Davis Monthan A.F. base, newer biotech and semiconductor businesses, but local small business is the backbone that fuels it all.

The big online companies like Amazon seem to dominate the marketplace, but as a small business,

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The real cost and value of a small business website

The cost of a small business website depends on a lot of factors, but to really simplify it a website can run anywhere between $100 to $120,000(sometimes even more!).

Wow, you might say, why such a big price range? Because you’re not paying for a static object, you are paying for a dynamic tool, a machine that produces a range of value. It’s all about what the website can deliver.

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