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Artist Studio
Cooperative: An arts collective

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The Need

ASC or Artist Studio Cooperative is an artist run organization that provides local artists with affordable studio spaces and opportunities to reach out to the public.

The group needed a site that was easy to update. The need was for a simple, clean, and easy-to-use website that could promote the group and events taking place there.

The Challenge

This is a group I helped start run and all of us have jobs as well as being professional artists. Building an Identity for a group can be more difficult than for individuals or leader-run businesses as decisions are made by committee.

It took many iterations, and changes to agree on the design and the build took place with ongoing changes.

We also needed a monthly newsletter to promote ourselves and group events and classes.

The Outcome

The site is easy to update as members were able to make changes but had no time to work on the newsletters so this became my project.

I designed the newsletters to match the brand and content from various sources so with their review published it each month. As a result, we doubled our email list each year with very little marketing.

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